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What is MomQuest?

MomQuest™ is Quester's ongoing dialogue with Moms. Each month, we talk to 500 Moms, nationwide. We conduct one-on-one interviews with each Mom of children under 13. The beauty is, we are not conducting surveys with these Moms, we have one-on-one quality conversations with them. Moms love to talk about the issues surrounding "Mommyhood" so we have decided to delve into this with them and really listen to what they have to say!

MomQuest was started in the summer of 2012 and you may watch the video we developed to introduce the concept. Beginning January 2013, Quester® launched the MomQuest monthly syndicated reports. Since the beginning of the year, we have been tracking and trending issues following: life this month (fun things and challenges), Moms' shopping habits, new brand trial/usage, dining out, social media. We have also been exploring a new HOT TOPIC in depth every month.

More than just numbers! We provide quantified qualitative insights that unlock the minds of Moms and allow you to understand their reality.

All the findings are presented in our monthly syndicated MomQuest reports. Additionally, our year-end report includes tracking data on Moms' shopping and purchase behaviors measured over a 12 month period.

2013 MomQuest Hot Topics

We have selected topics that are not only of importance to today's Moms but that also are top of mind for clients and companies in a wide range of industries.

So far in 2013:

  1. Moms and Stress: the stress levels, how Moms cope, what they do to relax.
  2. Moms and Their Kids' TV Viewing Habits: how much TV  kids watch, the desired content, the extent to which Moms are involved with their kids while TV is on, what they discuss while watching TV and more.
  3. Online Shopping: where Moms shop, how they go about their decision making and more.
  4. Role of Technology in their Children's Lives: usage, what  Moms think about social networking for their kids, the ways in which technology helps kids, what   fears and concerns Moms have, etc.
  5. Family Time: its importance, activities, what influences the choice of activities, how  Moms get ideas (word of mouth, social media, etc.) and how this all ties to purchase decision.
  6. Moms and Fulfillment: how Moms define having it all, how they achieve it, where they fall short.
  7. Childhood Obesity: perceptions, how Moms address health and wellness for their families.
  8. Division of Labor in the Household: how expectations are established and maintained.
  9. Thoughts on the Husband's Role: his role in decision making and family dynamics.

Contact us to weigh in on upcoming topics! Although the above topics have been set, we are welcoming ideas for the remainder of the year, as our intent is to produce reports that can address Hot Topics of interest to you. We also have the ability to target multi-cultural Moms, and that includes the option of conducting interviews in another language. So, let's get creative...

The MomQuest Research Experts

Andrea Joss, Director of Research
15 years of Research Achievements at Quester
Mom of 4

"MomQuest was started with the idea that in order to communicate to Moms, we need to truly understand them. And while there is a bounty of information available on Moms, we felt that we had a way to reach them that is in unchartered territory."

Nichole Clinkinbeard, Director of Strategic Insights
12 years of Research Experience at Quester
Mom of 3

"Over the years, I have designed hundreds of discussion guides. With MomQuest, I use the same experience to engage Moms into a discussion but also to get to the root of an issue. As a researcher, I then make sure that the reports I produce contain valuable information for our clients while telling a story. After all, it's about issues and topics that affect Moms, we need to include the language they use!"

The Way to Look at MomQuest

Here, we'd like to take you on a brief tour to show you what MomQuest is all about.

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